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Reckey Provow wants to build a well-respected, user-friendly, successful business wherein the communities and Children’s needs are met. We have strategic partners who are willing to refer and provide the resources that Rickey Provow may lack for most of his talent is focused on bringing new characters and their individual personalities to life for children to see and trust.


We plan to create “Hard Topic” materials that are related to the issues that children deal with like; Drugs, Guns in school, Peer Pressure, Sexual abuse, Bullies, Cigarettes, Pressure to join Gangs, Stealing, Mental Health Issues, that reflect the goals and mission of the business.
Our desire is to develop a public presence through various media outlets.

Provow’s Puppets wants a network with logical strategic partners who can bring Rickey Provow’s dreams to reality.

Provow’s Puppets needs to developed many different topics that our children need this very day and time also for future issues as well.

Provow’s Puppets’s web site is so very important for these children with problems and our interactive site that is available 24/7 welcomes the children to tell what is happening in their lives. Sometimes children need time to get adjusted to our new site, so it will be a club that they can join and win prizes, play games, and there are things that will be offered to keep them coming back for more. Still the site’s specific desire is to allow the child to feel they can share any problems that they may be encountering in their lives and to share. The site will have systems in place that will evaluate each issue and direct the child to other already created web sites that deal with these problems. But the system will also encounter problems that haven’t been considered so this will create room to expand what we provide in an on going process. We will also create a 1-800 line that children can call 24/7.
Obtain business licenses, DBA, etc – within 30 days after funds arrive.

We have done some research and found different websites that deal with topics we wish to cover and need there ability to be available for us to use through our own website. The show “Harvest of Wisdom” will tell children where the can go with problems or just play and join our club! We will continue to find, colleagues, and strategic partners-ongoing that can help.

Develop value proposition – within 30 days after funds

We have a ruff pilot of “Harvest of Wisdom” that can be used when selling ideas. New puppets will need to be redesigned to replace pilot puppets for they have been used to the point of not being in good shape to promotions. These puppets will need doubles because some will be for outdoor shows and others will be designed for media and TV shows. Once funds are in place we should have these characters re-made and ready within (90) days

Establish Electronic Magazine for free advertising

Attend relevant training events – ongoing

Rickey Provow has a unique issue of his own with a neurological problem that has taken his ability to perform in public and will show children and people that you must realize that because you’re different you shouldn’t always be afraid.

Rickey Provow already has talented people who can handle all Networking issues and other skills – within 30 days of funding

Finding logical partners will be an ongoing process with some partners already in place once funds become available
Provow’s Puppets will commence with calling and meetings with logical partners – within 60 days of funding
Assess and then apply relevant time management strategies within 7-10 days of funding

Create work plan, office, and infrastructure – ongoing

Provow’s Puppets hopes to get media coverage on shows like “The Dr. Phil’s Show” who knows the issues that our children are going through. With his help some or all funding may be provided but not pushed government grants and other companies already established. So the process is always ongoing permanently for future funds to keep going.
Rickey would like him to touch on incompetent Doctors who give drugs to patients that cause problems like Tardive Dyskinesia. Drug interaction is wrong on so many levels.

We want to have talented people who may have some mental issues, but can entertain folks; this will show the kids other people that may be like them.

Provow’s Puppets will Interview and hire assistants, coaches, accountants, etc – within 30 days of funding.


Provow’s Puppets offers unique ways to bring our children, who are in trouble. This is a way to find the help that they all sometimes need in their young lives.

What Provow’s Puppets wants to develop is a hard topic series, called, “Harvest of Wisdom” that brings greater awareness to children about different subjects like; Drugs, Guns in school, Peer Pressure, Sexual abuse, Bullies, Cigarettes, obesity, Pressure to join gangs, stealing, being handicapped and Suicide and so many other subjects of children’s lives, leaving a huge amount of material to perform. Rick also has one other show that might work better. “Alien News View.”

Tthis will focus on children from all ages that are dealing with serious issues but afraid to tell anyone.

The puppet Characters will open a child to feel safer telling these personalities. There will not only be just shows, but also an interactive WEB SITE where kids can play games and find help with their own personal issues which can sometimes be hard for them to tell their parents about.

There also will be a 1-800 line they can call 24/7 with specially trained people to help direct the child to other people who specialize in these areas. This serves a defined population that needs our help!

Provow’s Puppets is considering whether to go non-profit or as a business relying on some volunteers but also be able to pay certain people with unique talents like Child Psychologist, Physicists, Web Designers, vocal talent, comedy writers, Puppet designers. and Web Technicians to help with any future problems. To have some who are constantly updating and repairing issues as they are happening. So paying for talent will be an ongoing deal. We hope that people will see how important it is not only for their own children but for children all over the USA and even other countries hopefully in the future when we are established. Rickey Provow of Provow’s Puppets has had this dream most of his life and has not been able to sell the idea, because some of the issues he referred to didn’t even exist until now. Rickey feels he is qualified to create puppet personalities himself and with other designers, writers, in other areas of the field of puppetry. Rickey Provow has been involved it the Art of Puppetry for over 45 years.