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Rickey is now 60 years young and loves performing for children. He’s available for Puppet Shows, Balloon Sculpting and Face Painting.
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We plan to create “Hard Topic” materials that are related to the issues that children deal with like; Drugs, Guns in school, Peer Pressure, Sexual abuse, Bullies, Cigarettes, Pressure to join Gangs, Stealing, Mental Health Issues, that reflect the goals and mission of the business.


Our desire is to develop a public presence through various media outlets. Provow's Puppets wants a network with logical strategic partners who can bring Rickey Provow’s dreams to reality. Provow's Puppets needs to developed many different topics that our children need this very day and time also for future issues as well.


New puppets will need to be redesigned to replace pilot puppets for they have been used to the point of not being in good shape to promotions. These puppets will need doubles because some will be for outdoor shows and others will be designed for media and TV shows.

this is what we were all about


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commercial done by Rickey in the yester years

past performances

Rickey performing with Rick Dees in Italy


Rickey in 1995 just before  the neurological disorder