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Provow’s Puppets was established by Professional Puppeteer Rickey Provow of Provow’s Puppets who’s performed throughout United States and Europe!

He and his puppets have performed on 7 nationwide TV shows in the US and TV Programs and Shows in Europe as well!

Rickey lost his ability to perform puppets due to a neurological disorder called, “Tardive Dyskinesia” back in 2000. Before that happened Rickey was about to bring out his new show, “Harvest of Wisdom and the Corn Field Fairy written by a talented writer named Tom Maul. The concept, characters and idea was Rickey’s but Tom Maul took the concept and created a wonderful story that children would love.

The everything he invested into this project was completely lost when this neurological disorder sidelined his career!

Rickey started to pray that God would somehow make it possible for him to continue his beloved career which has been an ongoing deal since 1974.

Rickey learned that God doesn’t always answer one’s prayers all at once. It took 10 years before God truly did answer his prayers by finding a doctor that helped him get off of the serious medications and on something that brought his movements down to a point where he could at least work with his puppets again.

Now Rick wants to bring Gods message to everyone through the Art of Puppetry with humor and a entertaining show for all ages!

Past work of Rickey Provow


2000-2003 Developed a new show for television called, “Harvest of Wisdom Series” Written by Tom Maul and produced by Rick Provow.
Rick is currently selling his creations at the Hickory Ridge Mall and is designing custom Marionettes for several different companies in the Memphis area.

1990-2000 Have done voice over work for Madison Ave. Video Post for Dave West and did voices for Serta Sheep.
Performed for Malls, Company Picnics, and festivals all over the world

1995-1997 Puppeteer, Blue Star Production Company
Rick Provow’s puppets have been the central characters in videos that address the health and safety concerns of company employees nationwide.
1989-1997 Puppeteer, Television Product Promotion
Rick Provow promoted numerous products with his puppets and have designed scripts which feature the merits of specific products.

1981-1989 Puppeteer, Memphis Arts Council
Rick Provow taught puppetry to children of all ages and nationalities in the Schools Program of The Memphis Arts Council.

1977-1981 Puppeteer, Professional
Rick Provow toured both Europe and The United States, appearing on The Merv Griffith Show, The Mike Douglas Show, The Dinah Shore Show, The Donnie and Marie Osmond Show, Midnight Special, American Bandstand and The People’s Choice Awards.